• Easy plug&play installation (no line choke, no EMC filter, no motor contactors required)
  • All rope-directions for the lift machines allowed
  • No inverter derating at low speeds
  • Longer motor lifetime
  • Installation in shaft without cabinet
  • Lift-set-up tool in local language available
  • Loads 320 ... 3.000kg
  • Output current: 10 ... 110 A
  • Overload current: 16 ... 198 A
  • Power range: 4 ... 55kW
  • EMC standards EN 61 800-3
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Eskan Faraz Delta

Delta company was founded in 2007 in Tehran. It has had a mutual cooperation in the field of automation and elevator with reputed and prominent companies in the field of building, automation, and elevator such as Debleh, Hampa, Thyssen Krupp, and Otis, etc.

At initial stages, Delta company started to supply and sell electronic components, and with relying on qualified engineers, It could gain its customer’s trust in after sales services.

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